Thursday, 5 March 2015

To the next step


I've been doing many things for the past months while waiting for my SPM results and finally it just came out few days ago. Cant hide my disappointment towards the results. Its just way too far from my past PMR results and gave a lil shock to my family hahahha. I just managed to get 4A 2B 1C 1D 1E. As you all know that i am not good with this 3 major science subjects that make my life like a roller coaster back then. I know i shouldnt have pick this science stream subject and should have pick account subject instead because i am good with numbers rather than this chemical thingy. But it just turn out that way so there is no point to be sad for a long long time. My life changed after i pick sciences over account hahahha. Im sure you all can guess what subjects a C , D and E as i already mentions that 3 major subjects is just like an enemy to me hahahhah. Im glad that im not meeting them after this. 

Im sure there is a better things that awaits me out there.

To my teachers thank you for everything !

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