Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hola Voilla ~


So , here I am again after working-to-damn-much for my trial but there is 'erkk' .Is it true that I study like 'hard' well you know that kind of hard but as if you know only I know .My face is getting worse got to say that even my dads were surprise and hello voilla this pimple is like spreading its virus towards my face . Stress much! Pimples everywhere and me calling my hand for the scratching thingy . Oh Allah ! pleaseeee I just want this spm to be overrrrrr !! Experiencing a sudden weight loss due to lack of sleep . How come i can sleep and have such a nice sweet dream when this week is full of exams exams and exams and throughout this exams all i can think , how i supposed to do ? how should i answer this ? oh my , i answer it wrongly ! oh my , such a careless mistake ! oh my i forgot this ! 
I didnt have a high expectations for my trial results , seriously i dont especially for my 'sweet' 4 subjects !
A subjects that make me stay up at the midnight and should add up one more HISTORY ! 
Seriously , i dont get it why i get an A in a previous exams because i thought my answers were all crap? 
Just forget it let bygone be bygone . 

Ok now lets forget about that trial things although im about to finish my trial exam this tuesday which is 7/10/2014 Hooooraaayyyyy and today is 3/10/2014 and and its about a month to go to SPM ! pleaseee extend the date !!!

Forget what i just said before if you want to , if not then dont la . I'm about to think my business , well got to think this kinda early for my age but i just wanna be a businesswoman which is successful in what i do . So , i have been figure out a unique name to be use for my own shop but still i cant find any of it . As i told you before this , i have a lots of ambitions . Make things quite easier for me to choose out of that kinda high ambitions , i list out things i didnt want to take a risk which is i have to take a chemistry/biology in order to take a course on medic , so please i didnt get ready to be bald .. So , science fields total X .

Been dreaming to be a fashion designer this lately and to be architect too . So , i combine this two things in one which is will make a profit for me i think. I didnt have to take that course in the college but i can learn it after i get a stable jobs ? and begin my plans ?

Enough my creepy krep stories for now ! Sorry for my bad badeee english because too damn tired but still didnt want to sleep .

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