Saturday, 25 October 2014

English Essay SPM 1.0


Back in the year 2001 , I still remembered Madam Rina entering my class having a face like a wet weekend . It was kind of weird at first because she always had a happy face that you would never imagine she had a problem. She took out our English test papers from her Prada bag and that was when we realized where that gloomy face came from .
             I was the last person to be called out by Madam Rina .  At that exact moment she said, "Mary, you fail your English test’ I laughed because I thought it was a joke and thinking  How could I fail the test when I was the top student plus English was a piece of cake for me . It sounded so ridiculous to have failed in the test . By the time she handed the paper to me, I knew it was not a joke . Yes , I failed the test.
Madam Rina could not hide her surprise too because I was a student who could do no wrong yet she was unable to help me with my grade.
            I was devastated by my failure. Little did I know it was only the beginning of my problems. My friends started deserting me - friends whom I thought I could rely on. I was really down and the upcoming English test only made things worse for me; until  he came and reached out to me.
            Farish was my senior in school. He motivated me and refused to allow me to give up on myself. He was an excellent student in English, so he took it upon himself to guide me in overcoming my weaknesses. However I was finding it tough to take guidance from another person. I supposed it was even harder for me to accept the fact that I was not the best. Consequently I ended up being a stubborn girl who did not want anyone's help.
                         Farish and I did not talk for 2 weeks. What had I done ? I was angry with myself for allowing my ego to get the better of me. I decided to snap out of my foolish behaviour and start studying for the English test that was fast approaching.
            Long story short, I aced the test and it was all thanks to Farish. I owed it to him.I told myself that I must apologise to him immediately, which I did sincerely. He forgave me and we decided to put that bitter memory behind us. Madam Rina praised me for finding back my groove - and just in time too before the SPM exam.

            It had been 13 years since but this experience would remain forever etched in my mind - reminding me that we all make mistakes but we must always learn from these mistakes.

Would like to credit this to my teacher because i knew i couldnt came up with this kind of essay without her helps . I couldnt think any title that were suitable with this essay perhaps you can help me with the title ? I will give a credits to you . This is my first time posting my essay here on my very own blog and I hope you enjoy it and if you wanna use it for your revision you may use it . 

p/s : Assalamualaikum is not included on the essay ya ...

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