Monday, 22 September 2014

Duhh !


Its been a long time since my last update and till now i've been counting the days before spm start *legs shaking* . Truth to be told I seriously do not know if I ready to face this big challenge . Yeah this big exam is like entering a war that you dont know you will safe or not . But this exam will make a big change in my life and i've been stress out for months which is not good for me as I just realise to it . I'm taking nine subjects for my spm and worried much if could or couldnt score as everyone expect me to . Negative thoughts are everywhere flying and make a big circle and just going around on my mind and they couldnt find any way out . Keep telling myself to keep all the negative thoughts away and just enjoy the exam as you were chewing a bubble gum . Lol as if . Okay now lets take a deep breath and once you let it go let the problems and all the negativity came out and hiding somewhere that you couldnt find . If you were my follower on my instagram you will know that about the 20 facts that I just posted about a months ago or a few weeks ago . Dont waste your time to search it cause I already delete it hehe . Okay back to the topics , there is one fact about me that I stated that I am science student and I'm making a mistake by chosen science as my major . I'm taking a risk and it is a huge risk right ? Now , Spm is getting nearer to me and Alhamdulillah there is something that I could do on my science subject at last . Couldnt stay any longer here , as tomorrow I'm sitting for my trial. Yeah my school just begin our trial tomorrow and the first paper that I will meet on the very bright morning tomorrow is Chemistry ! Wish me luck guys and please pray for me cause I believe your pray is important too and please forgive me if I have said something that make you offended by accident or not . 

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