Monday, 4 February 2013

End of 2012 - Beginning of 2013

Hello and hi , so many good things happen in 2012 , i just want to share my happiness with you all ..
Just see the picture that i posted below thats will describe my feelings in 2012 ..It just better than reading my looooonnnnggg story even an hour cant finish .. 

Left : Dayang Right : ME 

Description : We just too happy on 19 December 2012 , i will never forget this date .. We got 7A 1B in PMR , what B's ? Its Agama Islam , we will try harder next time .. Dayang says " Kita ni jahil tu la x dpt A agama" but im in process re-checking my agama islam paper , hope for the best , pray for me .. and agaseh got 13 people straight A's and 15 people 7A 1B but this might be changed because some people re-check their paper .. Lets hope for the best .. 

From the left : pika , Anis , ME , Hanna , Nisa and Fatin 

Description : This is when we were about heading to Bicara berirama competition (Tenggara) , Its a wonderful experience and we got 2nd place and first place goes to Tawau , its 51-53 how come we can forget this ?
But nevermind we just have to let it go , bukan rezeki .. 

From Left : Jessica , Nisa , Eugene , Kak Maya , Anis ( In between Eugene and Kak Maya ) , and Me 

Description : This is when we are having a choral speaking competition .. Dont ask me about the result , maybe we didnt get the top three but we still having fun ;)

Description : Agaseh student who got 6A's and above .. Find me ! 

From Left : Hanna and me !! 

Description : this is when we are having year end meeting session before we are taking our results 2 months
early ?

This is the end of my story ~~ 

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