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Aisyah Story Chapter Three

The first Kpop group you know and you like.

First k-pop group that i know 2PM and i like super junior

The first Kpop song you heard.

Marry you

What the ultimate fandom you're into? Max 2.

Boice and Hottest

Your first bias and he/she is no longer yours.

Gikwang /someone took you away from me and there is no space between us/. :'(

Your ultimate bias? Just pick ONE.

Lee Hyun Woo

Do you like Kdrama or Variety show? If you do, list it.

Yes, of course but its too many, i just list what i remember .
Naughty Kiss , Love Rain , RoofTop Prince , Big , Dream high , i Do i do , Master of study and and and ...If variety show i just love to watch Running Man , Oh my School , Happy Together , 2 days 1 night , Strong heart , WGM , invicible youth and and and many more .

Do you ever buy or go to their concert or fanmeeting? if you ever, upload da pictures :)

Nooooo, but i would my mum already promise me this .

Currently you listening to what kpop song?

B1A4-Good Night

Girls group do you hate the most. 

obseoyo ( NO ONE )

Girls group you like the most. 

Girls Generation, Miss A , 2Ne1 , Apink

Your boyfriend name (I mean you assume your bias as your boyfriend). 

Jung Yong Hwa Because Lee Hyun Woo is my NAMPYEON ;D

Currently dating with. 

Lee Hyun Woo

The kpop song you hate. 

No hate song just dislike songs XD

Do you ever think that you want to marry your bias? 

Yes, ofcourse . ive been dreaming this all this time but sometimes i cant get what i want . :'(

Why do you love kpop?

One word describe them : Talented .
They are talented in various way, their singing , their dancing skills , their faces*uppss* . And i like them soo much . Even word cant describe how good are them . Anyway at first , i just like their dancing , singing and faces . Thats why i fallen in love with them .

Do you have a friend or someone you know that hate Kpop?

Yeah yeah ! but this is not relevant if he&she want to curse just go away , yes i said away .  

Does your boyfriend / girlfriend get jealous with your bias? 

100% single 

The kpop song you often play? 

Ballad songs mostly but sometimes when there is soo many new songs i think i keep replaying it over and over .

Your bias list? Max 5. 

Lee hyun Woo , Jung Yong Hwa , Choi Siwon , Kim Hyun Joong  , Song joong ki

Since when you fall in love with your ultimate bias? 

Since I watch his first drama

Why you love him/her? 

He melts my heart with his soul

Does he has a scandal or ideal type girl?

Yes ,  Miss A suzy :'(

Your favorite dance from Kpop group? 

I love the leg dance and the body waves of teen top -to you- they newest songs 

Your bias sexy/ hot picture *LOL* 

His hot !
Which Kpop blog do you like to view the most? Blogger instead Tumblr
Is allkpop is a part of blog ?  its like a blog altough it seems like allkpop is a website . XD

Write a word for your favorite group or idol
Hello , Hyun Woo nampyeon altough i just know you at the beginning of this year but my love towards you is a lot a lot and a lot and no one can change that even my future boyfriend but i hope that there isnt any scandal thats going on between you and suzy :'( . 
Annyeong , seohyun namjachingu i just love you a lot too but since hyun woo appear on my life i seems to forget you a little and i think it will be best if i give your heart to seohyun since you two appear on WGM together , you build too many love story there and i just love to see that .
Annyeonghaseyo , yaaa baek seung jo ;D ! you know what , if you were my husband i will be so so so grateful ! Just seeing you how much you take care of your fans just melt my heart ! You attitude are my ideal type !
Choi siwon , just show me your abs and im fainted ;D !
Joongki if you going to show me your aegyo then i will be ready to record it so i can see it everyday just in my phone *fainted*

Credit : Kak wana
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