Sunday, 11 October 2015

How i define my campus life

Salam u guys, its been awhile since im being here haha..oppss its kinda awkward.
Now i dont have any attention to update anything here.. seriously i dont. Well im being honest here and i started to think what did I think back then to make this? Maybe im lonely or im just following my friends?

Okay, forget about that. Lets talk about my "Campus Life".
- Its hard because i dont have any friends from my secondary school *crying*
- I dont know anyone here at first
- The level of weirdness of my classmate is beyond my imagination
- Its hard to communicate sometimes?
- Its hard to use give and take here
- Im surprised myself with my calculation skills hahah
- There is no one that i can call a handsome *im a girl*
- I cant stop complaining about everything that irritates me
- Trying to be a patient
- Its all about stairs if u are late
- I have a group of course (u knew its kinda like a gang like that? )
- I didnt sure about this but if i didnt like something it shows in my face and thats frightened 'not everyone' but there are a few.
- Of course we have this someone we didnt like *being honest* and of course i didnt tell her 'yet'
- My brothers are my senior from different course but same faculties
- Its easy because of my brothers
- So far the lecturer is -ooookayyy-

I cant think anything right now so for now this is it. This is how i defined my campus life. Hows yours? Or ya dont forget to forget everything that i said just now because i already find this is kinda interesting to do hahhaha.. Bye..Assalamualaikum